Burst the Myths Related to Outdoor coolers

When it comes to outdoor coolers, there several myths that are doing the rounds in both the offline and online spaces.
Well, it is not at all true.Outdoor coolers make for a great choice for home and environment. Of all the cooling solutions and machines available in the market, such coolers are the only ones making use of a natural air-cooling method.
The technique to run these coolers is age-old and you can be assured that they do not trigger any kind of health problems.

How effective is cooling?

This might surprise you but outdoor coolers are much more effective in cooling both outdoor and indoor areas than air conditioners.
They can cool large spaces in less time because of their strong air throw and cooling process.They can be used effectively in outdoor spaces where air conditioners fail.
In both urban and rural areas,outdoor coolers are being used by millions of people signifying their growing popularity.

Why the fuss about the harmful effects of air coolers?

The entire argument is based on the false promise that such coolers increase humidity that can trigger fungal and bacterial growth.
However, here is one thing that is not a part of the false argument – in a tropical climate, there is not much humidity and thus the increase triggered by an outdoor cooler only enhances cooling instead of unhealthy conditions.
Also, the argument related to health and sir coolers is based on a theory that is not backed and supported by any type of scientific evidence, while the positive effect of the use of such coolers is well established.
These devices are easy to maintain, use less energy and use a natural cooling method.Unlike AC’s known to emit harmful gases, coolers emit nothing other than the soothing flow of cool air.

A new range of outdoor coolers with improved cooling methods

The evaporative air-cooling method has evolved drastically. Global brands like ProXcelo manufacture outdoor coolers that are less noisy and create a big cooling impact. You can be assured to get the most advanced outdoor coolers.