Heavy Duty Air Cooler – The Perfect Cooling Solution for Your Office or Workspace!

Ever-soaring temperatures are likely to make commercial spaces and offices difficult to work in. unless employees are comfortable in the environment they work in, they cannot give their hundred percent. In other words, this leads to a drop in work productivity as more workers fall sick. According to research conducted, it has been found that the ideal temperature for a workspace or office is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures that exceed this bracket can reduce the overall output of the workforce by sixty-two percent. To make the optimum use of employee's skills, it is important to install in a heavy-duty air cooler.

Bringing the temperature down to optimum levels with air conditioning can be an expensive affair for large office and commercial spaces. Factories, shop floors, and godowns cannot be cooled with an AC. A commercial air cooler offers a perfect solution. Listed below are a few reasons you should buy a heavy-duty air cooler for your office space or commercial space.

Easy to maintain

Evaporative air coolers have a simple design and fewer moving parts making their maintenance easy. Air pressure on both sides of a commercial cooler is almost equal to atmospheric pressure. In simple words, the machine would have less wear-and-tear over time. Unlike conventional coolers, heavy-duty coolers use neither pressurized gases nor chemicals for cooling the air. It is easy to install them as well.

Ideal for open and large spaces

The main purpose of air coolers is to cool the open, large areas, as well as confined and small spaces. You do not have to worry about shutting the windows and doors while using an air cooler. This makes such coolers better and considerable options for offices and factories with open or outdoor spaces.

Light on pocket

For office or commercial spaces, installing a device or machine that needs less maintenance is the best option to consider. Also, it means high cost-efficiency and low costs. The cost of heavy-duty air coolers is less than air conditioners. Thus, they prove a more effective option.

Instead of allowing rising temperatures take a toll on the productivity of your employees, buy a heavy-duty air cooler let your business reach new zeniths. ProXcelo is a name you can count if you are looking for commercial coolers for your office or workspace.

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